Four days in UNWTO

though the title is “Four days in UNWTO” it seems to me that the whole life of mine has began on the 1st of October and I wouldn’t be sitting in front of computer with this wide smile on my face without these unforgettable, amazing, and different days. Yes, these four days differed from the others for a 4th year student who didn’t even know if she hadn’t been mistaken choosing translation as  her major, and maybe she could become a dentist (who knows). But now I know. Yeah, translation is my major, and maybe (no, sure) it will be mixed with guiding. And I’m awfully happy and glad that I started my steps to my aim with the way of YSLU. I had chance to volunteer for UNWTO and meet awesome people and just to make sure in my future life plans due to our university. So, first of all I would like to say huge thanks to our university, our rector Gayane Gasparyan,  my lecturers, especially Mrs Termenjyan for choosing me and opening this door for my coming days. So let’s give it a start and let’s go back to the 1st of October and remember how and what happened. 
01.10 (Wine Fest and Khor Virap-Deep hole)
I had to wake up very early to manage to go Double Trees by Hilton to accompany our guests to Radison Blu. Yeah, I was excited, and by the way the last night I had high temperature (don’t tell my mom about it :D) and wasn’t even sure would I be able or not. Fortunately I was. At 8:05 am I was at the station. Armenuhi was waiting for me (she is never late). We went to the hotel on foot trying to guess, to understand what is going to happen. Entering, we saw Aki-Hiro Sato from Japan. Brianda and Isabel came a little late, Mr Alik (our driver, and here is the part I should say huge thanks to him for being so kind, nice and patient) drove us to Paris hotel (here Arpi and Anahit were waiting for us with their guests). We are in Radisson. It’s time to go to the buses (To the buses…to the buses (we had a song like this). All of us mention in Facebook “traveling to Khor Virap”. But the main aim of ours was Wine Fest in Areni. Wine, armenian fruits and nuts and dances and songs and everything in armenian. That was a little challenge to describe wat “Aveluk” is, but I did my best, “Aveluk is a dry plant, they reap it in spring and make it dry in order to make soups in winter, I don’t like it but they say it’s tasty. Soup is made with potatoes,beans, etc.” Yes, I did it. 😀 Now it’s cheese. In armenian “Panir” and even “Horats Panir”. This is a type of cheese, it was kept in soil more than two months, some herbs are mixed with it. I don’t like it but they say it’s tasty. After the fest we went to have dinner, and before dinner our Lilit Sargsyan astonished all of us with her translation skills by remembering fifteen-minutes speech and translating without even faltering. Good for you Lilit, keep it. After delicious dinner we headed to Areni Cave. And here is the time to mentioning name of the guide: Boris. His speech impressed all of us. If you ever have chance, go to the cave, and ask him just to tell you that mysterious story, it’s really worth listening. That was our first day, go home, have rest and get ready for the next one. 
02,10 Echmiadzin-Ararat factory-Sevan-Dilijan
hey guys, we are going to Echmiadzin. The holy place for all the armenians. The psalms and armenian Sharakans were impressive and full of emotions. Here I remembered “The one, who prays by singing, prays twice.” 
Brandy Factory: Right we entered me and Anahit exclaimed “The smeeeel”. Sure all of us liked it. And I’m sure that our guests liked not only the smell but also the taste of armenian outstanding brandy. After this all of them (it’s time to cry) went to Sevan and the UWC Dilijan but me and Armenuhi had some work to do at the Radison, so we went back. Here I should my friends to share with the impressions of that tour without us. 🙁
03.10 Conference Day
WOW! That was amazing. Right I entered the hall I made my mind to do my best to have chance of taking part in this kind of conferences and meetings. 
Translation booth. OMG, this is gonna be my future-job. OK, it’s a little bit, no, it’s very responsible and challenging. Don’t worry Lilit, take your time and prepare for this. There isn’t much to tell about conference. Just I should say thanks to Addaia, being there for me, for her help and encouragement. 
04,10 The one where we are crying
Oh, no. This is the last day. It began with the continuation of the conference. But frankly speaking, I wouldn’t like it to end. When the 38th meeting of affiliate members of UNWTO came to its end. we headed to Geghardavak. (Here I learnt the pronounciation of the word “spear”-geghard.) In Geghardavank I had an interesting talk about education, languages and world peace with Mr Georgios and by the way, I share all his opinions. Thank you very much Mr Georgios. Then we had chance to listen to armenian Sharakans.
To the buses to Garni. Pre-christian armenian temple which is dedicated to the God of Sun-Mihr. Arpi says that she has some connection with this temple, as Arpi also means Sun. By the way it was the first time she visited Garni. Photos, group photos and then duduk. We were all ears while listening to the “Horovel” by Komitas. It was full of emotions and goosebumps. Again photos, selfies… We are going to “Yot Qar”-“Seven stones” to have last dinner together. Imagine an open-air restaurant,Garni temple is seen in lights, the moon is so nice, and wine is so tasty. Then we were all talking in groups, sometimes dancing, sometimes not 😀 Right here I discovered that Taj Mahal is dedictaed to an armenian girl, who was a daughter of armenian merchant. OMG, we are so famous. 
It’s time to hug each other. Arpi even cried. It’s time to say how much we loved them, how happy we are to know them, how wonderful days we had. 
The End. 
All these four days we had challenges, we had little problems, there were moments that we didn’t know what was right, and what was wrong. but there were two people we were ready to help us and we were ready to help them. Gohar and Mariam janer thank you again and again, and sorry for making you a little angry sometimes. 
This should be repeated. Wow… I don’t want to finish this blog. 

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