About the way that brought me from the past


-Hey. It’s me. Will you, please, let me in? I’m so tired of this way. Never think that it was the easiest way. Believe me, it was the hardest. The way, which brought me here. It brought me to you. It brought me to the present, from the past. It’s like a time machine, which is always met in science fiction. I’m here, and maybe you will think that I’m from a fantasy-movie. No, I’m not. Actually I would like to be from a movie. From the one, where the girl dies at the end, and the boy goes on living always having her in his mind and in his heart. Are you so romantic to call your daughter after me? Okay, don’t change the impression on your face, you aren’t obliged to do that. Would you have time to listen to my story, the story of the way, which, by the way, brought me from the past, and brought me to you?

There are doors on the both ends of the way. The first one is the door of my home, the last one is this door-the door of your house. My door was green. If you remember, my house was called ՞the purple one with the green door՞. Yeah, I closed that green door, left the past in there, in my home, and started the trip to the present. I locked the door with my yellow big key and put it in my pocket. Can you guess? It’s not with me now. I threw it in the river called FREEDOM. Yeah, on my way, which, by the way, brought me to you from the past, I met that river-“River-Freedom”. I threw my key in it without even kissing it for the last time. If you are interested how I crossed the river, I would tell you that there was a stone. It was named “BELIEF”. So the stone helped me, then I found a stick-“HOPE”, and crossed the river. You know, my clothes are still wet, there is still water of the Freedom on me. But that wasn’t the hardest part of my trip. Did you know that there is a huge mountain on the way? I guess you did, because you had to climb it every time coming to my purple house with green door. Do you know how it is called? 
-Yeah, you’ve always been clever, PRIDE. When I was on the top of it, I would dream to throw myself in the Freedom and never get out of it. It turned out I’m so brave, to forget about the Freedom and overcome that PRIDE-mountain. In the end, I’m here, I knocked your yellow door, by the way it has the color of my ex-key. The way is over, but in your sky-blue house  I find the present. Let’s start a new trip to the house called “the half purple-half sky-blue house with half green-half yellow door“. I’m sure that the future is there, hiding from us.
-Sure. Have a sit. 🙂