Family event (She’s leaving to be back)

Time flies. Yep, this is a world famous truth, but sometimes we forget about it and we can only take it into consideration after feeling it, after touching it. It seems as if it was yesterday that we were informed about your leaving to Germany. Okay, eight months past and in two days you are gonna put your ticket in your passport, get on the plane which is planned to take you far from Armenia. 
Every leaving is a start of a new return. I’m really sure that your return is not gonna be late. At least a year. We’ll be waiting for you here. Because here we have a song that means a lot to us. 
You know that you are different to us, one of the best members of our little family, the one with the great sense of humour and first of all SARCASM. The one who never hesitates to tell the truth on the face and the one who doesn’t like to give a hug (OKAY lately you’ve changed a bit). 
These words seem to be empty because none of them describes the feelings I keep inside. None of them shows the goosebumps and none of them shows my pride seeing you heading to the way to the best future, the one you deserve. 
The only thing I wish you are keeping the sense of humour and staying the same sarcastic MOROSE as you are. Please, be back and please don’t make me leave everything here and come there to give you the hug you hate. 😀