you name it

Hey there, 
as long as I don’t have two different blogs for English and Armenian, well, surprise! this one is going to be in English, cuz it’s the only language I am able to compose now. This is going to be a short one, just wanna be honest with you. 
I hope, I am not even sure about this, that everyone has a phase in her/his life when she/he has no passion, no excitement, no will of going ahead, looking for inspiration, opportunities or I have no idea, a better flavor of ice cream? You just wake up, go to work like a zombie, and then what? you return home? yep, happens, actually, is happening! I just tried to let it happen. I didn’t force myself to do anything, I just afforded being lazy and yeah, lost some days and now have to catch up with the life. As you may know, it never waits, moreover, it runs. 
Then you know what? I felt myself being back! 
Made my coffee, brought my notebook and wrote a letter to me from me. Usually I like doing that online. There is a sweet website where I send emails to myself on some special occasions, let it be a new year, a happy day, a very broken one… Today I did it with a pen, on a paper. First of all, I knew I should be very honest to myself. I should write down my problems and suggest sane solutions. I know I don’t have an hour for sport every morning, so I don’t make me wake up earlier, I’m just going to do sport for like 20 minutes. Besser als nichts! 😀 I know I won’t make it to blog every day, so I planned to blog at least once a week. Let’s see if appetite comes with eating. 
I also wrote down the things I should do for a week, for a month, if I wasn’t too lazy I would have planned my year, but c’mmon it’s Covid times and who knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Don’t risk it girl, don’t waste time and paper. 
Well, that’s it. I kind of feel better, I feel I’ve just found the path and I am gonna take it. Do you know what is the most relevant here? I have no idea where the path is taking. Isn’t it exciting?